MPS Education – Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

We would like to provide an update for all MPS Education workers in regard to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

We would firstly like to thank you – our workers, for your patience during what has been a time of unprecedented uncertainty for the country as a whole. After receiving information from both the Government and an Independent Recruitment Body, we have been working tirelessly alongside our Finance Department to ensure that any information that is provided to you is clear, compliant and most importantly, correct.

Today we are able to confirm that MPS Education will be offering Furlough to all eligible workers, providing they meet the criteria as set out by the Government.

This means that PAYE workers will be entitled to up to 80% of their regular wage. Where you have been employed for a full 12 months prior to being furloughed, you are eligible to claim for the higher of either:

  • The same month’s earnings for the previous year.
  • Your average monthly earnings from the 19/20 tax year.

If you have been employed for less than a year the following options apply:

  • The employer can claim for an average of the workers’ monthly earnings since they started work.
  • If you started in February 2020, the employer can use a pro-rata basis for their earnings so far to claim.

In order to be furloughed, you will need to have been employed by MPS Education, and on our PAYE payroll as of the 28th February 2020. Over the course of the coming weeks we will be contacting all eligible workers so please keep a close eye on your inboxes.

Workers will be required to confirm that they are willing to be furloughed and in doing so, cannot undertake any work for, or on behalf of MPS Education.

If you are continuing to work during this period, or if you are receiving payment from a long-term placement, this scheme does not apply to you.

As a company, the logistics of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme are still unclear to us. At this time, we are continuing to work extremely hard to ensure that this is implemented as promptly as possible. However, we do again ask for your patience as we are sure you can appreciate, we are currently inundated with queries. As and when we have it, we will continue to share advice and information surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak across our social media accounts, so make sure you are following us to be kept up to date.

In the meantime, again we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued patience during this difficult time.

Stay safe everyone, we will be in touch again soon.